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Take Care of Your Vessel:

Whether or not you believe you have a soul or a spirit or an inner self, I do believe we can agree that it is our body that is our vessel. It’s how we are in the world, and how we get around.

Our body is our vessel.

What I’ve discovered when going through times of transition, including deconstruction, is that it is important to take care of my body.

It’s a Catch-22 though. It’s usually during these times that I feel least responsible and want to just let things go, but it is also the time when taking care of my body is most critical.

The transition goes so much more smoothly if I’m as healthy as possible.

Here are some very basic ways to take care of your body that will help you during times of transition:

1. Sleep. Sleep is important. Lots of it. Read The Sleep Revolution. I recommend it to everyone.

2. Eat. Whatever diet you prefer, eat well. Eat right. After all, it is your fuel. Fasting’s good too.

3. Drink. Lots of water. For me, it’s 2 liters a day. That’s a whole large coke bottle full.

4. Exercise. Walk, run, weights, whatever. Do something! Make yourself move as much as you can.

5. Nature. Forest bathing is Lisa’s and my favorite. Get in nature. It’s proven to be effective.

6. Positivity. As much as you are able, think positively about yourself and your body. Meditate.

7. Detox. Moderate smoking, drinking, drugs, whatever. Self-medicating isn’t always best.

8. Screenless. Get off your phone, computer, pad. Studies show too much is too bad.

9. Love. Love someone. Get loved back. Even if it’s from a pet. Love boosts.

10. Teeth. Take care of your teeth. They’re finding healthy teeth is crucial to overall health.

This is a simple letter but a powerful one. Do these and make your voyage more pleasant.

Love you guys.