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The Main Lesson I Learn From Fasting

Every once in a while I’ll do a fast. I just did another one recently.

From food.

I’ve done other kinds of fasts. I will fast from alcohol, sex, TV, screens, speech, etc.

Here’s the main lesson I always learn from fasting:

I realize that I often want the thing I’m fasting from for comfort rather than from need.

Like my recent food fast, there would come moments in the day when I was bored or lonely or sad and I’d automatically go to the kitchen to look for something delicious to help me feel better.

It makes me realize that often the things that bring me pleasure are sedating my problem, not solving it.

Now, in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with sedation. There are times when we just feel overwhelmed and a drink or two alleviates the discomfort or even the pain. That’s okay.

But, when it becomes my go-to method for dealing with my issues, this strategy only delays my personal self-awareness and growth. If I constantly go to the bottle to feel better, I prevent myself from looking inward, staring my problem in the face, and navigating the often difficult work of healing myself.

This little piece of self-awareness provides powerful insight into who we are, how we tick, and what issues need to be wrestled with in an intentional way that will facilitate our personal development.

Have you tried fasting?

What lessons have you learned?

Love you all,