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It’s with sadness I announce the passing of another TLS member, Sarah Courtney-Dean.

Just a couple of months ago we lost Chris McGill. That was a serious blow to our community. So is the loss of Sarah.

Let me quote Ruth Calder-Murphy, one of our founding members who was a close friend of Sarah’s:

I used to phone her several times a week, largely just to check in, as she was in poor health and lived alone. At the beginning of last week, she dropped off the radar, as it were, and after ascertaining that she wasn’t in any of the hospitals, flagged the situation up to the local police. The police found her body in her flat.

So far, that’s all I know. We’re waiting for the coroner’s report, which will hopefully give us more information about how, and exactly when, she passed away.

Sarah was engaged to Precia, also a TLS member, and they’d hoped to be married last year, but there were problems with immigration and visas and so it didn’t happen. Obviously, this makes the situation even more tragic – and difficult for Precia – as, had immigration been less draconian, Sarah would, at very least, not have passed away alone.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of such sad news.”

I find it strangely beautiful, now that TLS is into its sixth year, that we are experiencing the joys and sorrows of a true community. Some claim community can’t be enjoyed online. Of course, I differ because I’ve experienced it. So did Sarah. So does Precia and Ruth, and hopefully you too.

If you’re not in our secret Facebook group, where our community interaction takes place, please let me know and I’ll get you in there.