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Something I discovered many years ago is arguing is useless.

I’ve never changed my mind after an argument.

I’ve never changed anyone’s mind after an argument.

Discussions, yes. Arguments, no.

I discovered this when I was a pastor. So I studied how Jesus handled disagreements. Aware that almost always questions asked of him were meant to trap him, he did one of two things:

1. walked away, or
2. answered their question with a question.

In other words, don’t engage or defuse the argument before it begins.

So, I put this into practice in my personal life. If I detect that the question isn’t a sincere expression of curiosity or a request for understanding, I do one of two things:

1. I do not engage in arguments, and…
2. I compose a question that defuses or derails the argument.

The first is easy, the second one takes practice.

But they really work.

Some people might interpret this as evasion.

So what? I think it’s smart to evade wastes of time.

Don’t you?