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tls takeoutFor my letter this week, I’m just mentioning a couple of updates.

One is Lisa and I and our kids are going to Ontario to visit my family. We’re having a big celebration because my parents both turn 80 this year and celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. The second is we’re trying a new podcast format.

Yes… I thought I would try something new. After talking with my fellow-Canadian friend who is now living in Nashville, Julie-Anne Morris, we decided to try our hand at creating a fun podcast just for TLS.

Here’s the plan: Julie and I comb through the week’s posts in our TLS Facebook group and just talk about the stories. Julie compares it to a TLS TMZ… where we kind of gossip, in a good and positive way, about the latest TLS news.

Why not take a listen, even while you’re doing something else, and see if your story’s mentioned.

We certainly had a lot of fun mixing serious with light-hearted. Deep talk and fluffy conversation all mixed into one podcast.

Click HERE to take a listen!

PS: If you’re not yet in our secret Facebook group, please contact me and I’ll get you in!