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I was at an event recently where the speaker acknowledged that because of the thousands who were there, each one might have a different name for the Other… “God”, “Universe”, “Source”, “Great Spirit”, etcetera, or nothing at all. It felt comfortable and no one felt excluded or unnecessarily included. It proved to me, like TLS does, that it is entirely possible to be in fellowship with a wildly diversified group of people.

At the same time, I’m reading a new book by Marika Rose, “The Theology of Failure: Žižek against Christian Innocence”. It’s quite deep and very profound. Aside from the fact that I caught myself reading theology and I’m actually appreciating it, she points out the danger of universalizing or unified attempts to include everyone. It’s important to be alert to any agenda that, even though it might think it means well, is actually an attempt to erase difference and diversity. Many modern unifying movements, she claims, are actually infected with colonial desires because you are not allowed to be unique or different but must somehow be melted into the whole.

Her question is, if God is One and unified and happy with Godself, then why did God create? Why did God create such manifold diversity only for it all to be reconciled back into Godself again finally? Why all this uniqueness, difference, and diversity, if it isn’t to be respected?

It’s given me so much to think about because I do believe we are all connected at a deep and essential level. But at the same time I do agree that the manifold diversity that is should be respected, honored, and provided space.

Good thoughts for the benefit of TLS.

Love to you guys!