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Hi guys.

Another update because I know you care.

I regret to interrupt our regular programming with this crisis I’m involved in.

I’m with my mom and dad. I’m returning home Sunday. I could stay longer but my work suffers, I miss my family, and I’m completely exhausted.

I’m leaving with things kind of set in place for my dad. For now.

He’s suffering from dementia and a pretty serious diminishment in physical ability.

We all predicted dad would be a very non-compliant patient because that’s his nature.

However, he’s completely the opposite.

In fact, he’s become very passive. He doesn’t know what’s going on and expresses this. He doesn’t know where he should be or where he should go. He just takes his food, liquids, and meds, and goes where he’s informed or lead. He’s kind of there but mostly in a fog.

Yesterday when I was taking him for his daily walk (very slow with a walker), he said, “David, I’m really going to miss you!”

I nearly fell over. He’s never spoken to me that way. Tears came to my eyes. I told him I’ll miss him too.

Me and my sibs are going to look at a good nursing home this week.

I don’t sleep. Dad’s up and down lots. I’m exhausted and can’t think straight. Sleep deprivation is a thing.

I have a feeling I’ll be back here soon.

Thanks so much. I know you guys love me and support me, and there are no words to express my appreciation. We are quite a community!