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Hi guys!

This letter has 2 purposes:

First: Lisa and I are going on a much needed vacation tomorrow. We’ll be gone for a week. Apparently there’s no internet where we’re going, so I’ll be off the radar. Amazing! I think I’ll like it. I love how the community is functioning right now so I’m at peace about taking some time off.

Second: I wanted to inform, or remind, everybody about the several resources we have at TLS. Lots of work has gone into providing help for those of us going through our transitions. So here’s a list to make it easier for you to find the help you need.

1. Find other members.

2. Find the many sub-groups available.

3. Listen to the over 50 podcasts with other members.

4. Read the hundreds of private letters I’ve sent to TLS members.

5. Watch several videos for TLS members only.

6. Make sure to join our private Facebook group where the interaction takes place.

7. Read my book, The Lasting Supper Letters, a compilation of the best letters to TLS members.

We continue to build resources for our members, as well as facilitate community interaction in the Facebook group.

Much love to you guys.

See you in a week!