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Don’t you just love it when you’re condescended to?

Don’t you just love it when someone thinks they’re better than you?

No? Me neither.

I was going through some old emails yesterday and came across an some correspondence between me and another guy from years ago. I thought I’d reconnect via email and see how he was doing.

After we shared some details about our lives, he finally closed with these words:

I got out of religion much earlier that you, David. You were a little bit more silly about religion for much longer than me — and you even continued with your Z-theory — the religious mind keeps taking us for spins, eh? I could not help but laugh. Whatever works…”

I read that and suddenly remembered why I stopped communicating with him. He was always condescending, acting like he was far ahead of me on the growth and enlightenment chart, and always acting like he was brimming with patience for me to come along.

Ya, well fuck that!

The same thing happens from some people on the believing side. You know… where they treat you like you’ve caught a bad flu and you’re sick, contagious, but in time you’ll be back to yourself again. Like someone recently who said I should have just taken a break from ministry and come back refreshed and renewed and restored and I said NO I’VE CHANGED!

What do you do in these situations?

Here’s what I do: I don’t take it!

I either:

1. Tell them they’re being a condescending prick right now; or…

2. Correct their wrong diagnosis and prognosis of me; or…

3. Sever the relationship; or…

4. All the above.

Thanks guys… a group of people who never act condescending towards me or others (that I have seen).

Peace. Love. Joy.