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Hi TLSers:

So, ya, what the heck’s happening with TLS?

You might have noticed a few things:

  • We’ve raised the price of TLS and invited all TLSers to renew their memberships.’
  • We’ve been noticing a lack of significant growth for the past few months.
  • In fact, the membership of TLS seems to be going through a change.

On the one hand, these might appear to be negatives. This is why I’m writing this letter to you know. They’re not negatives, but reflections of positive steps we’re taking.

Here’s the explanation why:

Many of you who were here for many months know that we went through a very rough episode in the spring and summer of this year. To me, it felt exactly like a church split I went through in 1997. This  was very traumatic for me. I, and therefore TLS, was accused of being such things as racist, homophobic, misogynist, abusive, and silencing of victims. All the things I have always cared about, write about, and cartoon about. These are the very issues I challenge through my artistic expression on nakedpastor. The people I reach out to and invite into TLS are the victims of these very things I was called, and it killed me.

But I guess I still believe in resurrection. Cuz I’m back!

Confession #1: this silenced me. It made me afraid to be an advocate anymore. It made me afraid to critique these things and tell survivors that I provide a protected space for people like them. Therefore, it caused me to lose my courage and I stopped promoting TLS like I used to.

But finally, after months of talking with my therapist, my mentors, my coaches, and my community (you!), I’ve learned a lot and grown a ton. As a result, this has had a very positive effect on what I do… that is, my cartoons, my art, my writing, my community facilitation, as well as business.

We’re refining our focus on what TLS is about: helping people help themselves become spiritually healthy, autonomous and independent.

  • I’m becoming a better business person when it comes to my products (my art and books) and services (TLS).
  • We’ve raised the price.
  • We’re starting to delete inactive members who’ve never paid and haven’t been involved for over a year.
  • We’re going to start promoting the hell out of TLS because there’s nothing like it out there. It’s a beautiful thing. There are many people who need it and don’t know it yet, and want it but have never dreamed that this is even possible. I believe we will soon start seeing new members added to the community and notice the level of richness and excitement rise as we do.

Confession #2: Through many, many years of painful deconstruction and a confused reconstruction, I have come to a peace of mind when it comes to my spirituality, theology, philosophy, and my relationship with What Matters… whatever you want to call it. I have painstakingly documented my journey, and am qualified to help people achieve this peace of mind as well. With your help! Because we have a community that is rich, diverse, vibrant, loving, respectful, and totally supportive and helpful to others on similar journeys.

Together we can not only continue helping ourselves, but also help so many people on their own journeys to come to a place of peace.

So, I appreciate your patience while we go through this significant and major transformation.

It’s good for me, it’s good for you, it’s good for us.

I’m here to help you help yourself, as I know you are there for me too!