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“What’s the Meaning of Christmas Anymore?”

Lisa and I were relaxing over the Christmas holidays. I think we were having a glass of wine, listening to music, and reading in front of the wood stove. Ya. Nice.

She abruptly asked me a question. She does this once in a while in a kind of devil’s advocate role: “Why do we still celebrate Christmas if we don’t believe the reason like we used to?”

I responded, “Even if we don’t believe the biblical Christmas narrative is historically factual, we can believe in its meaning.”

She asked, “What’s that?”

I said something like this: “That there is no distance or difference between what we call God and humanity. That we and all things are completely reconciled as One. I think the Christmas story expresses the eternal truth that we are all deeply, fundamentally, and essentially united, and that division and separation is only a surface illusion. Christmas to me means love encompasses all things as one thing.”

This makes sense to me.

Even as I read physics and quantum mechanics and modern philosophers’ books, these do no disagree.

Love you guys.