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TLSers have something in common.

We are pioneers.

Here are the three stages of being a pioneer:

  1. You realize you’re not happy where you are. You’re not settled. Everyone else around you seems to be mostly content. But not you! You are restless. Maybe you are even unhappy. Perhaps you are even being shunned or expelled. For whatever reason, you’ve come to the unsettling realization that you are not settled and that you cannot stay where you are. You’ve heard about a new land where you can live free and you want to move there.
  2. You break away. Or course, this takes some preparation. Unless you’re kicked out. Then you’re on your own with no preparation. But if you leave on your own, you might find yourself trying to build up the courage you need to leave. You might find yourself tying to explain your motivations to others. You might be second-guessing yourself and wondering if it’s a good idea or not. But finally you conclude that you simply can’t stay. You have to go out and find your new land.
  3. You’re on your own. Finally you leave. You’re on you own. People have warned you about the difficulties, the challenges, and the dangers, but you have to do this. Something drives you! Unfortunately, my observation is that there are few resources provided for such pioneers. And it’s the nature of the game that the maps available only take you as far as the mappers have been. You will have to chart your own after that. Even though our supplies are sparse, they must be good quality. Most pioneers are just throwing together whatever they find along the way.

So, the main roles of TLS are:

  1. To validate your discontent with the status quo! Embrace your own feelings of unsettledness. It’s a good thing.
  2. To give the encouragement you need to build up your courage to find and walk your own path.
  3. To support you with the any tools that will help you find the freedom and independence you’re looking for.

This isn’t about what I provide for the members. Although I contribute to the validation, resources, encouragement and support, the whole TLS community continues to provide all these things in a far greater way. It’s the quality of community that is our greatest resource and asset!

I’m grateful to be among such rebellious, brave and resourceful pioneers!

Have a great day my fellow travelers!