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For Pride Month I posted a lot of cartoons advocating for the LGBTQ+ community.

So many people hated on me, sent me nasty messages, and unfriended or unfollowed me.

All believers.

I’m exhausted!

And discouraged.

Yesterday when I went for a run I was grateful that I could take a break, thinking about how exhausting it is to advocate for another’s right to be and to enjoy the same rights and privileges as all people should without shame, marginalization, rejection, and bullying.

I thought, “And I’m not even gay!” I can take breaks from this.

But you can’t take breaks from being yourself! It’s a full time job.

I imagined how utterly exhausting and discouraging it must be to be LGBTQ+ and have to fight to just be yourself, to just take up space in the world, and to enjoy life without having to look over your shoulder every second of every day! 

It gave me a new appreciation for how I do speak from a place of privilege. 

I’m totally aware of that. 

I just hope our work matters.