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I’m finally back home and starting to feel half normal again.

I was sleep deprived and completely exhausted.

I took care of my dad as he transitioned from the hospital back into his home. It took two weeks. But he was stable enough for me to leave.

What I found interesting is that my dad has become gentle, compliant, and even loving.

One day while I was sitting with him I realized I didn’t feel the tension between us anymore. It used to always feel we were on the verge of an argument. No longer.

Then, it made me realize that, in an odd way, his resistance to me and my defiance against him, helped to make me what I am today.

In an odd, backward way, his authoritarianism inspired my determination to be independent and revolutionary.

I honestly thought, sitting there with him, “Would nakedpastor even exist if it weren’t for him?

I guess iron does sharpen iron!

What I am NOT saying is that what he did was worth it. It doesn’t excuse him.

What I AM saying is that I took control of my story. Rather than being the victim in his, I am the hero in mine.

It’s empowering to say that even though attempts were made to mold and control us, they failed because we learned how to mold and control ourselves.

Like an alchemist, we take the dross of our lives and transform it into the gold of who we are.

That’s what I do.

And so do you!