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The other day I wrote a letter to an old friend.

The last time we met he said things that were very hurtful. I immediately wrote him at that time and told him so. He dismissed it.

So I decided to let the relationship lie dormant for a while.

But the longer our separation went, the weirder it felt. There was no contact at all from him.

Were we friends or not?

I was always worried about running into him uptown and it being very awkward. Well, last week that happened. We were in the same restaurant. He never saw us so I didn’t do anything. But it made me decide to resolve this issue once I got home.

So I wrote another letter basically reiterating what I felt had happened.

His response was, basically, “Oh! I didn’t even realize we hadn’t seen each other for a year and a half. I’ve been busy. Haven’t missed you. Why all the drama about your hurt feelings?”

I was shocked. The amount of emotional energy I’ve been putting into this relationship was all for nothing. I should have dealt with this sooner. What a waste of time!

All that to say this: communication is everything! I laid my cards on the table and got the resolution I needed to move on in my life without carrying the emotional burden of wondering how things were or worrying about how they’ll turn out.

Turns out the relationship meant more to me than to him. And I found that out clearly.

Whew! Glad that’s over! Now I can move on, not worry about bumping into him, and get on with my life.

Yes, there was some hurt. But it’s already gone.

Is there a relationship that you need to figure out where it stands? Maybe you can write that letter.

So… thanks for listening.