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You’re Not a Failure!

Recently, Lisa and I met a good old friend who used to go to my last church that I was the pastor of, and we had a little chat.

I was telling her about that dream I had about my snowblower that I wrote to you guys last week. In a nutshell, one day I took my snowblower in for service. That night I had a dream that it was more expensive to fix than it was worth, with details, and the next day the service guy called and said it was more expensive to fix than it was worth, with all the same details.

My friend said something like this: “Well, at least that part of you isn’t broken and you can still hear God’s voice!”

I looked at Lisa. I looked back at her. She didn’t realize what she said or meant.

What she meant was that even though I’ve backslidden and no longer believe correctly, God is still speaking to me, and that if I would just repent and surrender to him I would be whole again.

I didn’t say anything. I let it slide. But if I had said anything, this is what I would have said:

“You know, I have not backslidden or fallen or anything like that. I’ve grown! I’ve progressed. I’m further along in my journey. This isn’t a mistake. I’m not a failure! I actually like where I am and have great hopes in where I’m headed. So, don’t be concerned for me or feel sorry for me. I’m better than I’ve ever been!”

I want every TLSer to feel the same way. It isn’t a mistake. You are on a journey. You are growing. You are getting better and more mature and wiser every day. Even though others may judge you as a failure, you are not!

Love yourself!
Own your journey!
Embrace your path!
Be proud of your steps.
Delight in where you’re going.

It’s all yours.