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Well that only took ALL DAY!! (to download, edit and upload the video!)

Anyway, last night’s Potluck Hangout, “Flight From Egypt”, with Pam Werner was fantastic!

I asked in closing what she took away from her experiences there. She responded:

“Finding my voice was huge for me, and not being ashamed of it. There was a point where I decided not to be guided by guilt and fear and shame anymore… I found my own identity and its no longer defined by a religious system.”

Right on! A number of responses that came in that basically said, “That’s been my experience as well, though on a smaller scale!” Which indicates to me that this problem of control within religious systems is prevalent and a problem. Check it out:

Thanks so much Pam for asking the questions, standing your ground, finding your voice, speaking up and removing yourself from a harmful toxicity.

We’re so happy we’re friends!