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Are you wondering what the meaning of life is? Or what your purpose in life is that would give it meaning to you?

Do you think, or assume, that it’s a question that no one has the answer to yet? Or that its answer is currently beyond your grasp?

Do you think the answer lies in your Religion, but hidden in your holy book so that you have to search it out? Or that you can only find it there if you’re righteous enough?

Have you considered that the answer might be very simple?

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson answers the question “What is the meaning of life”, which was asked of him by a 6 year old child at the Wilbur Theatre, Boston, on January 2015.

Tyson’s answer is simple, and for us, and people like us – those freeing ourselves from our doctrinal constraints – eye-opening.

Check it out:

And now child, rise.


Live. Learn. Create.


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