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I strut through the field under the moon as if I own the place.

Because I do! The world is mine. All things are mine.

Black sheep. That’s me.


I was always different.

And I always knew it.

But I had a remarkable skill of being able to blend in.

I knew how to conform.
I knew how to comply.
I knew how to keep the peace.
I knew how to maintain the status quo.

For years I did this. It took diligent effort to conceal my truest self. Everyone thought I was one of them. But the whole time I knew I wasn’t. My true colours were yet to show.

I was a black sheep in white sheep’s clothing. I was a secret.

When the day came, I once and for all shed the pure white cover and revealed my dark side.

The black sheep came forth with a fury!

Isn’t it strange though…the relationship between being fiercely different and being just as fiercely rejected?
The more unique I become the less welcome I become. The more myself I am the less a part of the flock I am. The more I am me the less I feel like I belong.

My self-confidence increased. So did my enemies. My sense of my own value, increased. So did my critics. My sense of self-acceptance increased. So did my rejecters.

Each and every rejection came as a painful surprise. But the dynamic never surprised me. I knew this is what happens. I knew I would lose people. We don’t expect to lose friends or family.

These are painful but necessary realities I’ve come to accept, embrace and even welcome.

I am blacksheep.

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