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I didn’t want to come out.
I felt safer in the tangled forest of my approved life.
There I could hide in the shadows.
In fact, I was a shadow of what I was to become.

I would be hidden in all the distractions
that made themselves available to me.

I was an expert in camouflage.

I knew how to hide.
Concealing myself had become a talent.

But look at the beauty of the clearing! The bright moon shines from above and illuminates the field.
Everything is clear and clean. No longer closed and cluttered.

Everything within me wanted to step out into the clearing. It beckoned me. The beauty of the clearing called to me.

Come out. Come out. Shine with me.

It wasn’t to be noticed.
It wasn’t to be seen.
It was to be me.
It was to come clean.

I felt pushed by no one. There were no external pressures applied. In fact, the pressure was to stay put. It was all me. A deep hunger to come out and reveal myself. For me, and for me alone.

In fact, I recognised the dangers involved. The forest is a good place to hide from threats. Coming out into the clearing exposes you to everyone and everything.

You become easy prey.

To come out takes a certain kind of carelessness.
I don’t mean the reckless kind.
I mean the kind that would care less what others think.
The kind that calculates the risk and takes it.
The kind that willingly comes clean.
For myself to see, first.
For others to see, second.
If they can and are willing.
The clearing called me. It calls you.

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