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The lion cowers not.

I came in like a lamb.

I will go out like a lion.

For so many years I complied.
For so long I restrained myself under the constraints
of the expectations and demands of others.

In order to keep their peace I kept my tongue.

This, I was told,
this, I was taught,
this, I believed,
this, I practiced,
this was the way a good person should be.
Meek. Mild. Malleable.

I can be these things. I proved it over all the years of my life.

I know how to be meek.
I know how to be mild.
I know how to be malleable.

I am one of the most obedient people I know.

Not that these qualities I became an expert in shall fade away, but they shall certainly fade into their proper place. For something else has been born in me.

Finally! It came late but not too late.
My defiance rose like a hungry lion from its den.


Perhaps my captivity was like a pressure cooker where I was training my hands for war. Perhaps my captivity was the birthing room of my rebellion. This is where my defiance was born!

I will be silenced no more.
Contained no more.
Kept no more.

I will not turn back. I defy all those who would make me.
I will not be devoured again. I won’t allow it.

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