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You will feel exposed.

As I was.

And still am.

Because this is how I choose to live.

When I made my escape it was like ripping myself free from all constraints.
I left all my clothes behind, my given layers of protection.
It left me naked and exposed.

Exposed to the elements.


Even though my freedom dawned within me like the gentle sun rise, when I made it manifest in my outward life it was like throwing open the door to a winter storm, and it blasted me and everyone around me.

This was my struggle.

Now I know I share this struggle with everyone else who experiences this.
Your inner self demands integration with your outer self.
You can do it by degrees.
But at some point it suddenly becomes evident that you’ve changed.
For a long time you can hide your transformation.
But eventually it will be exposed.

You will be outed. Either by you or someone else.

You will be exposed.

But this is the comfort it offers: it is you who is exposed, because your outer shell, your mask, has finally been ripped away.

You will be laid bare for all to see.

But while my true self was growing within me, so was my love for it.
So that when I was laid bare for all to see, even though I felt exposed, I also felt my love for myself come rushing to my defence.

Sure, it was intimidating. True, it was scary. Yes, I was exposed.

But I loved it.

And I love it still.

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