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It’s okay to hide.

I did.

Let me tell you why:
Too many people wanted to find me and restore me to the me I was.
To the me they think I am,
and should be.

I couldn’t let them do that. No!

So I hid.
I hid myself deep within myself,
far away from their pitiful eyes.

I loved my newfound freedom. I cherished it. It was my treasure, so I buried it in a field and then I bought the field. It was mine and I would never again surrender it.

I could see them coming.
My new freedom gave me new vision.
I have the eyes of an eagle.


Away from their clingy grasps I walked, I ran, I flew!

I wouldn’t let them find me.
For to find me was to possess me.

A hole remained where I had been and they wanted me to fill it again.
But I had changed my shape and I would never fit back into their place for me.
I no longer belonged there.

Their constant questions about what I was doing or how I was doing… I couldn’t handle them anymore.
I couldn’t even understand myself. How could I explain myself to them? I was a mystery to myself so an enigma to them.

So I hid.

I could feel them trying to shame me that I had escaped. The temptation to feel guilty about hiding was strong. It never gave up. But neither did I. Deep within I knew that hiding was absolutely necessary for my own health and critical to the security of my freedom.

I hid. Deep in the wilderness and in a high place.

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