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You just have to jump! leap

Sometimes, like Kierkegaard wrote, you just have to make the leap!

I took the existential dare. What a crazy image this is!

Look at me jumping from a great height with only a rope in my hand.

How far I must fall! I saw how far it was, and I still made the leap.

Crazy? Or courageous? Some have asked what the rope is attached to.

This you will have to answer for yourself.

For me, it is tied to What Is. I love What Is. What Is rules!

I remember when I made my escape, it was a leap for me. It was full of risk. Full of danger. It was possibly fatal.

But I felt death-defying! I could no longer abide my bondage, and the time for me to escape was now.

It is true that I had waited for years for clarity as to when I was to take the leap. To spring my escape. I asked that it would be undoubtedly and unquestionably clear to me when I was to jump.

Then, on one cold clear night, the clarity came.

I knew there could be no hesitation. I knew that calculating was over. I knew the time was now! So, just as suddenly as I knew, I leaped!

The most immediate feeling was exhilaration. Then the next feeling followed fast on its heels, and that was absolute terror.

The leap was irrevocable. There was absolutely no option of going back. It is finished!

What have I done? What am I going to do now? How will I survive this? But I survived. I leaped and I landed. Listen. I am here to tell you about it. Take the leap.

The one you know you must.

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