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Lisa just finished this book by Anita Moorjani called “Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing”. Lisa says this one is very good and sensible. She could hardly put it down. I’ve just started it. But I’m going to give you a quote from the end of the book that Lisa read to me and thought would be good to post on TLS. So here it is:

She was asked the question, “What part in your healing and recovery did your belief system or faith play, if any, and how have your beliefs changed since then?”

This is her reply:

“Absolutely no faith in anything was required for my healing. Rather, I’d say that it was the complete suspension of all previous held beliefs, doctrines, and dogma that caused my body to heal itself. In my case, the NDE (near death experience) was the catalyst.

From my point of view, strongly held ideas actually work against me. Having concrete beliefs limits my life experiences because they keep me locked into only what I know, and my knowledge in this world is limited by my physical senses. Being comfortable with uncertainty, on the other hand, opens me up to all possibilities. Ambiguity is wide open to infinite potential.

Needing certainty shackles my potential for the unexpected. Feeling I don’t know, or Let’s see what happens, allows my expanded self to provide answers and solutions that may be completely serendipitous and outrageously synchronistic. When I step into the realm of ambiguity I’m really at my most powerful. Letting go of all previous beliefs, disbeliefs, dogma, and doctrines puts the infinite universe at my disposal and works to give me the best possible outcome for my life. This is where I receive the most internal clarity. It’s where magic happens.

Letting go of all previous attachments is an embrace of freedom and shows trust in my own divinity and magnificence. This, too, is a form of healing. When I release the need to heal physically, life becomes more free, whole, and enjoyable.”

I totally identify with what she says here, and agree. I wanted to share this with you because I know this will give many of you something to grab onto that may help articulate where you are right now.