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For today’s Saturday Spiritual Supplement, I’m suggesting we do a little art therapy.

I came across this little art therapy exercise. I’m not much into this kind of thing but this one spoke to me.

Exercise: What one (ONE!) road sign would you choose for yourself for 2014?

I immediately knew what to draw: a DO NOT STOP sign! I often struggle with discouragement. Am I doing any good in the world? Am I actually helping people? Am I making a difference? Will nakedpastor work? Will TLS succeed? Almost every day I feel the temptation to just stop! But I won’t! I won’t stop.

What’s your road sign for 2014? Please… take a second to draw it and post a photo of it and a short explanation. This could be fun. Please don’t worry about your artistic skills. It’s not about that. Just sketch something out.

Go! (Another sign lol hahaha!)