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My cartoon today, iTithe, challenges the legal idea of tithing.

But I do believe in generosity. I said, “I believe that when we are generous we live in a more generous universe.”

Now that Lisa and I don’t go to church where we used to give generously, we like to find intentional ways to be generous. Here’s a little story that happened last week.

One of my acquaintances on Facebook who lives far from me had an update, something like, “I call out to the Universe: a nice bottle of wine to go with this meal please!” Without even thinking I wired him $20 to buy a bottle of wine. I recommended Dave Matthews’ own new wine, Dream Tree Cabernet Sauvignon, which Lisa and I really like. The next day he updated his status with a picture of him holding a glass of the wine by candle light.

That was fun.

So that’s our Saturday Spiritual Supplement for today: give something to someone.