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Today’s Saturday Supplement is an easy one.

Take one characteristic about yourself that others considered negative and turn it into a positive.

Here’s an example from my own life. I was always called STUBBORN! I remember digging my heels in with my dad and refusing to comply. I didn’t do it often because I was terribly obedient. But when I refused to do something I would stand my ground to the death, no matter how insignificant the issue was. Once my dad and his brothers and grandpa tried to throw me into the pool. I wouldn’t go. We wrecked the house. I never got wet. They all were so frustrated. I was “stubborn”.

But now I can see how my stubbornness is actually one of my best virtues. It’s helped me blog and cartoon every day for over 7 years. It’s helped me stand for what I think is true in the face of fierce opposition. It’s helped me form such communities as The Lasting Supper against all odds.

How about you? What’s one negative trait about yourself that, if you think about it from a compassionate perspective, could actually be one of your most positive traits?