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northern evergreen painting by david hayward

“Northern Evergreen” (watercolor & ink, 8″x10″)

Today’s Saturday Spiritual Supplement is about nature.

The times I feel most immediate, sane and in touch with the Unnamable is on a clear night, absolute silence, under the moon and the stars, particularly in winter. I may or may not be smoking my pipe. Alone. Without a thought.

Lisa also loves nature. She feels most herself, most in touch with the Mystery, in the forest. She loves walks in the woods. I tease her that it’s her native heritage. (She has Choctaw Indian in her blood… enough to have status but she doesn’t care to.)

Here are some practical steps:

1. find a wild place
2. go alone
3. walk
4. don’t think
5. just be

Here’s one of my favorite passages from Krishnamurti’s “Journal”:

You must be alone with the trees, meadows and streams. You are never alone if you carry the things of thought, its images and problems. The mind must not be filled with the rocks and clouds of the earth. It must be empty as the newly-made vessel. Then you would see something totally, something that has never been. You can’t see this if you are there; you must die to see it. You may think you are the important thing in the world but you are not. You may have everything that thought has put together but they are all old, used and begin to crumble.

The image above is my painting “Northern Evergreen”. I painted it last weekend. If you would like to make a print of it, just CLICK ON THIS LINK and it will download to your computer so you can print it. It is a large, high-resolution image. I recommend a high quality matte finish paper (you can find it at Staples, their own brand of matte finish printable both sides photo paper). Or you can buy the original HERE.