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This is a famous photograph of Einstein talking with his therapist. He struggled with depression. Yes while saving the world!

So, today’s Saturday spiritual supplement is probably one of the most difficult things we can do. It was something that was so hard for me to do the first time. But, like most things, once you do it the first time, it gets easier. Here it is:

See a counselor!

Perhaps it’s something you’ve already done. Maybe you’ve already seen a counselor or therapist. But if you haven’t, try it. Gather up the nerve and make an appointment this week to see one. You might not think you need one. But did you know that many therapists are required to have their own therapist in order to keep their licenses? Also, you don’t have to be sick to see your doctor. You might just want a check up or advice on how to live healthier.

I know it costs money, but I always figure out a way to afford it. I figure that if I will spend hundreds of dollars a month on my car but won’t spend a fraction of that on my interior health, then there’s something out of priority here. Talking with a good trained professional has always been rewarding for me. Difficult but rewarding.

Fact: Pretty much all the healthiest people I know see a counselor.

If you want, let us know how it goes.