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When I am asked what kind of people make up this community, this is what I say:

“They are very spiritual, smart, courageous and funny.”

Why do I say that?

  1. You obviously have a keen interest in your spiritual health. Many of you have left organized religion and are looking for ways to supplement your spiritual health. Reading from our interactions with each other, your spiritual depth is immense.
  2. You are very smart because, since you are seeking your own spiritual health, you are trying to understand what it means to be spiritual. Where once you were fed what was spiritual, now you have to feed yourself. You are reading, watching, and listening in all kinds of ways to improve your intellectual and spiritual health.
  3. You are courageous because almost all of you have had to take a huge risk and make a stand for yourself. You’ve gone against the flow and set yourself apart in ways that have cost you. You alone know what the costs are, but you are willing to pay the price because your spiritual health is important to you.
  4. You are funny! I never expected this. To be honest, I was afraid the site could go in the direction of whininess, complaining and bitterness. Actually, the opposite is true! When we get together in the chat rooms, they are hilarious! You guys, like the newly freed, have discovered that there is real happiness to be had in just being truly human. Forsaking fear and embracing love makes for a happy life. How refreshing!

So write down one way you are spiritual; one way you are smart; one way you are courageous; and one way you are funny!

You are amazing!