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So for today’s Saturday Spiritual Supplement, ask yourself one simple question:

What is the one thing I am most passionate about and do really well? (I can hear the funny comments now. Okay, bring ’em on!)

At the root of everything that I do is the fact that I love helping people progress from one spiritual stage to the next. I love validating people’s chosen spirituality and helping them grow in their own way in their own place. I am especially passionate about assisting more conservative Christians who want to move away from their constrained theology to a more liberal one, perhaps helping them embrace agnosticism or even atheism if that is where they conscientiously land.

How about you? I don’t mean the things you do. But what’s beneath it? I love to draw and paint. But beneath that is me expressing my own personal validation of my own spiritual path. I don’t wish to adorn the world with my art, but to express my inner self in outward forms. I might be a good dad and enjoy parenting, but beneath that is my desire to be an loving and affirming guide to maturing people.

What’s your #1 passion, and how does that manifest in your life?