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driftwood photograph by david hayward

Shortly after I left the church in the spring of 2010 I and my family went for a day’s walk at Fundy National Park that’s on the Atlantic shore of New Brunswick. It’s rugged and beautiful. I came across this tiny little piece of driftwood. I had just started drawing my Sophia series and I thought I would use this as a subject in one of my drawings with her. I may still.

I realized when I found it that it had significant meaning for me. I didn’t understand why at the time. Now I do. This tiny piece of driftwood symbolized me and my journey. I certainly felt adrift… a small entity in a huge universe. I also intuitively knew I was being shaped by the rough waters and stones of my life at the time. I also instinctively knew that I was unique and beautiful. I also felt confident that, just like this tiny beautiful piece of driftwood was found, so would I. In fact, I felt assured that my place would find me. I wrote about it in my journal.

I look at it every day. It comforts me.

So here’s your Spiritual Supplement for today:

  1. Find an object. Maybe a stone. An antler. A leaf. A glass. Something you are drawn to. Or something that “desires you”.
  2. Why were you brought together? Why is it attractive or attracted to you? Is it pretty? Rough? Broken? Ugly? Complicated?
  3. How does this object symbolize you right now? What about you or your journey does this object reflect?
  4. Write about it in your journal. Or write about it here. Leave a comment and tells us about it.
Maybe you already have an object that you have a story about. You can share that with us too.

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This photo is starfielders. Check out her accompanying comment below.