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I wrote this song years ago when I was in a very dark place. I was working on TLS yesterday when I noticed it was playing from my iPod as it shuffled through the thousands of songs it holds. As soon as I heard it, it evoked an incredible wave of emotion. It still resonates with me on a very deep level. I’m waiting for something. I’m not even sure what.

One afternoon while I was in my study at the church I was the pastor of, this song came to me. It’s based on a psalm, and I wrote it in just minutes. My friend Ellen was there with some other mothers and their kids playing and having coffee. I asked her to come in and sing it for me. I harmonized and played the instruments, virtual and real. It’s roughly put together with GarageBand on my mac. I thought it might mean something to some of you. The lyrics are below:



From this dark and lonely place I call to you.
Can you hear me from this distant land I’m in?

I will wait for you Lord.
To your promises I cling.
I will wait for you
like I’m waiting for the sun to rise.

What if you oh Lord would measure sin? I’d fall!
But with you forgiveness covers everything.