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I remember reading an interview of Wendell Berry, one of America’s finest essayists, novelists and poets. His work is deeply spiritual. He shared with the interviewer that even though he is a Christian, he lets his wife go to church without him because he admits he is not a church-going Christian. He does visit occasionally, but it seems he mostly does not. He isn’t worried about maintaining an official relationship to the church as an organization.

When I read that I had a good feeling. I respect Berry highly. Even though he mostly writes about farming and the environment, his work has a depth to it unmatched in my opinion by much of today’s theology available out there. In fact, he has set a bar for me that I try to reach in my own work.

What struck me about his talk about the church is that he doesn’t seem to feel any anxiety at all about his relationship to the church. I think he would agree that he is a part of the body of Christ, but he just doesn’t worry about attending on Sundays.

Are you free of anxiety about Sunday mornings? I know I am. Why not read this discussion “What Do I Do With Sunday Morning?”. It started back in April but it is still going. Add your thoughts and feelings to it.