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(This is a photo of me drawing my morning cartoon.)

A member asks,


“How familiar are you with other online communities similar to TLS (evangelical included)? Do you keep tabs on them to see what works and what doesn’t work, and how not to repeat their mistakes?”


I have researched other online communities. The interesting thing is that most online communities are gathered around a single idea. Like knitting. Or organic foods. Or health. Or clergy who have become atheists. Etcetera. The particular challenge of The Lasting Supper is that we support anyone anywhere on the sliding scale from believing church-goer to atheist. Even other religions or philosophies are represented on TLS. What makes this challenging is that communities gathered around a central idea find it easy to grow and moderate because most members are on the same page. With TLS however there is such a diverse representation that it makes it difficult sometimes to find the point of cohesion.

I claim that it is not compatibility of belief that unites us. I believe we are all already one, united, and that open-mindedness, mutual respect, and, in a word, love, is what makes this unity manifest in a community. I have looked around and conclude that TLS is quite unique for this reason. The variety of beliefs represented is astounding, but to see people from different perspectives treat one another with respect is a pleasure to watch because, in my opinion, this is what true community looks like. This is how the world ought to work. TLS is a microcosm of this hope.

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Peace on your path!