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I wanted to provide a little update to the post asking for help in creating a good holiday experience for my two kids at home and me after Christmas the year before had pretty much been chewed up and spit out.

It was lovely! Instead of thinking up new traditions, we just did things we felt like doing and if we do them again next year, well, I guess they’ll be a tradition. One thing I changed was instead of doing the usual stockings, using the same ones we had from those “nuclear family days,” I got us santa hats and filled those and then we wore them throughout the day.

My daughter planned the food, all sorts of appetizers that she assembled throughout the day. We just lazed around. Watched Charlie Brown. Played cards or did nothing much. I made the same breakfast I always make, my kids’ favorite, and that was definitely a hit that needed to be carried over ad infinitum.

So. Yay! Thanks for your thoughts. It was a very good day. I hope yours was too.