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I witnessed something really amazing last night.

First of all, I am at an event my son Joshua puts on called “Breakthrough Mastery”. His goal is to be the next Tony Robbins. At 25 years old, he’s well on his way. This was a very intense course with 30 people working through some serious limiting beliefs together. It was a great time of personal breakthrough for me.

But this is what happened last night: a young woman got on the stage and after sobbing for a bit and trying to share something with us between the sobs, she finally said, “This weekend I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m a lesbian. I’ve been living in denial for years and even now I know: the next person I fall in love with is going to be a girl!”

Everybody in the room stood up and cheered and clapped and gathered around her and hugged her and cried with her. She was so unbelievably supported. I’ve been with people who’ve come out, but I’ve never seen anyone come out on stage with a mic before a crowd. Amazing. But going through my mind, of course, was: why can’t this happen more often? My experience in the church when someone came out was that there was now a serious issue to be managed.

This experience only confirmed something for me: How can we provide safe places for people to “come out”… not just sexually, but in any way? This is what The Lasting Supper is about! I need this and I know so many people do as well.

And have you read the poetic and heart-rending story “in-love addicts anon”? I love the honesty and vulnerability expressed in this moving and sad story.

I plan on having a chat tonight! Stay tuned y’all!