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This is a very simple exercise that has become automatic in my life.

I look back on my younger years when I was so certain as a Christian. I meant no malice. I just knew I was right. I was surrounded by agreement, which only bolstered my sense of certainty. I understood this as faith. I forgive myself for that. Actually, it’s not even forgiveness, but an understanding. I embrace my younger selves and recognize that what I was then eventually lead to what I am now. I hope I am more gracious, loving, mature and wise. So as a more gracious, loving, mature and wise man, I understand my younger selves and gather them into the fold of who I am now.

This is why I don’t freak out at other people who come at me with their certainties. I don’t even need to forgive them. I recognize them. I see myself in them. And I understand. There is no need to get angry or aggressive with them. I simply speak as gently as I can, knowing that they are on a particular leg of their own unique journey.

This doesn’t stop me from speaking what I believe is True because they might need my help or guidance. But I hold it loosely because I might need theirs.

Don’t forget our hangout tonight with Pam Werner, one of our members who escaped from Mars Hill, 6pm PST! It will be recorded so you can watch it later if you want.