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I take my dog Abby for a walk a couple of times a day. At one point this morning as we were walking I said, “You’re a good dog, aren’t you Abby!?” She looked up at me and opened her mouth as if she was smiling, skipped a little in her step, sped up and was wagging her tail. Happy!

Encouragement goes a long way. I endeavor to encourage those I’m around, like you guys for instance. To just say an honest positive word to someone can change their day. Sometimes it can even change their life!

I get plenty of “BAD DOG”s every day. So when I’m complimented I take it all in like a sponge. I lap it up! I let it make me feel good. Someone’s offering me a gift and I’m going to receive it.

And on days when nothing’s coming, I encourage myself! Kind David “refreshed himself…” Paul said, “I can do all things…” Jesus said, “I have been given all power…” All great people have encouraged themselves, believed in themselves.

Nelson Mandela said, “I am the master of my fate and the captain of my destiny.”

That’s something an autonomous, independent, positive and self-empowered person says.