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Take a moment to read my cartoon and post on nakedpastor this morning called “Vows of Silence aren’t Always Holy”. It might be disturbing for you. It might make you sad. It might dredge up memories. It might make you angry. I’m sure it will make you feel something.

Think of a time when you felt very weak, vulnerable, taken advantage of, and abused.

Now, as a person who is older, stronger and wiser, embrace that young person. Perhaps you might take a few minutes to write this little person a letter telling her how special she is, how innocent she is, how it is not his fault, how this does not have to destroy his life, how she can overcome this and be happy, confident, wise and compassionate. Tell this little person that he is going to be a comfort and a help to others who have experienced the same kinds of things. She is going to be okay.

Maybe write it in a journal. Maybe write it as a one page letter and mail it to yourself. Maybe just write it and burn it. Whatever you do, this is what you’ve done: that little person is the little you inside of you. You’ve fortified yourself. You’ve empowered yourself.

You’ve given yourself permission to move on edified to edify.