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"moon water" (watercolor on paper, by David Hayward)

“moon water” (watercolor on paper, by David Hayward)

This is a high-resolution image of a painting of mine that I’m giving you to download for free. A $40 value! All you have to do is click on the image and it will be ready to download. You can use it on your computer desktop or mobile device. You can also get some high quality matte paper and print it out to hang on your wall.

This is an image of our river in front of our house. The ice has finally broken up and left. The moon, when it shines on the water, brings the night black water to life. Even though things are sometimes dark, even a little bit of light can change the whole picture.

Each one of you guys is like a star for me, illuminating my life. I hope I am for you too.