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(Click on image to download)

(Click on image to download)

This is one of my favorite and most popular watercolor paintings. It captures what things look like this time of year where I live. The air is warming up and the ice has mostly melted. But there are places in the forests and marshes that never receive sunlight and the snow hangs on for dear life.

Eventually, however, the heat wins and the ice melts away, often leaving clouds of fog hovering over the water.

Being in these places, seeing these contemplative moments, makes me feel… I don’t know… like a small fish in a vast sea. Overwhelming. Beautiful. Infinite. The solitude is somehow full of Being.

Click on the image to download it. You can use it on your computer or mobile device for a screen saver, wallpaper, or you can even print it out or have it printed out on fine, heavy matte paper to hang. My gift to you.