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the distant shore watercolor painting david hayward

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This is a scene from my front window. I look across this river every day. Every day it looks different. Every day, no matter how beautiful the sunset, each and every one is unique and unusual. Even the water is different from one day to the next. It takes on a new character and quality every single day, even several times a day. And the opposite shore, the peninsula, never ever presents itself the same. No two days are the alike. What a manifold variety from one view!

Yet it is the same river, the same peninsula, the same sun. The scene is like facets of a diamond… never identical depending on the light and angle and the viewer.

This is how I see myself now. I no longer worry about being consistent or predictable. Tomorrow I will be the same David as I am today. But I’m no longer anxious about what that might look or feel like to me or to others.

Embrace yourself as you are now. And then again in an hour. And then again tomorrow. It’s still you. But you shine in so many various ways. Isn’t that beautiful?