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painting by david hayward

Good morning guys. Much love!

So today’s Freebie Friday. Stephanie from Thomas Nelson Publishers contacted me to tell me they saw my cartoon yesterday and liked it. So she offered to let me give away 3 of Rachel’s books. I give away all kinds of books from across the theological spectrum as long as I feel they contribute to the questions. So go over there and make a comment if you are interested in the possibility of winning a copy. There’s also a forum topic discussion on Rachel Held Evans on this site. Check it out!

Also, I’m giving away a free high-resolution print-quality print of my painting, Redbird Friends. You guys are my friends. My community. So this gift is for you ($40 value!). CLICK HERE to download it. You can use it on your computer screen. Or you can print it out on nice paper and hang it. Or make a Christmas card! It’s yours to use.

Peace on your path!