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color conversion cartoon by david hayward

“Color Conversion” (ink & colored pencil on paper, 8″x8″)

When I was in the church, especially as a pastor, I felt incredible pressure to conform to the expectations of the congregations I served. There was always a fine line I had to walk between talking truth and talking in ways that didn’t upset people too much. There was always this subtle balancing act, without a net, way up high on a wire of trying to teach but without going too far outside the lines.

After a while this just became too toxic for me. The truth is, my blog nakedpastor outed me. Smoked me out. Exposed me. My congregation never used to read my blog because they already heard me too much week after week. But when nakedpastor started to get popular, and when other pastors and their people were reading it and started squealing on me, then I was outed. I truly felt naked then.

No more black and white. I was thrown into the world of color which already had been birthed in my own mind.

Where are you now?

Do you like the cartoon? You can download a high-resolution, print-ready version of it HERE for free!