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Something I hear a lot from people every day is the expression, “This is how I roll”.

It actually makes sense. I think it is a good thing to recognize how you roll. How you do things. How you think. How you typically respond. How you feel. How you are. It shows a self-respect, a healthy self-love, that many people lack. It means abandoning the fantasy of how we want to be to an acceptance of how we actually are. That’s a great place, the only place, to start.

The same applies to our spiritual lives. How do you roll spiritually? Your personality, your spirit, is a fascinating and complex mixture of all kinds of things. The recipe for your spirituality is totally unique. It’s yours alone. No one else is like you. Your spirituality is yours and yours only.

Once you embrace this then you are prepared to embrace others. The wide diversity of spiritual recipes represented here is rich and wonderful. Which is why I love our name The Lasting Supper because it is a place where you can really help yourself!

Spiritually, how do you roll?

Embrace it.