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I hate taking off band-aids. It hurts.

I used to take them off really slowly, making every effort to make sure the pain was kept to a minimum. I would take as long as a minute to take it off, longer if there was hair involved. It still hurt, but spread out like butter on bread. But then I watched someone take theirs off by ripping it off in one second. Over! Done with! All that pain lumped into one second. Now that’s the way I do it. The same thing happens in both cases: the band-aid is off. The difference is one took a lot longer with pain and the other took no time with all that pain lumped into one second.

I’ve discovered the same thing applies, for example, when I’m informing someone of something about myself that I’m afraid to share. I used to let it leak out a bit at time. It took a painfully long time. Then I tried to just let it all out all at once. Over! Done with! I realized that their reaction is much the same. Save myself the misery of stretching it out. Just get it out.

How do you do it?

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