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Last year, Christmas was basically ruined for my two youngest kids and myself by an awful family situation on Christmas night (and the two days leading up to it). My changing beliefs which tell me to pull back, although I wasn’t over-the-top about it to begin with somewhat feel at odds with my daughter’s need to have a good but different holiday season (sticking to the same olds doesn’t seem to be what she either wants or needs) and hopefully take the edge off of some of the trauma she is still experiencing surrounding that night almost a year later, I’m wondering if any of you could share some of your more unique traditions that we might incorporate into our December.  This time of year can be tough for so many people for so many reasons, but I just refuse for it to be a downer for our little family this year. Some nice, gentle traditions might just be the ticket. Whatever they are, I want them to be things that draw us closer together in way that will last long after the holidays pass.

Thanks for reading this. 🙂