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Although, inevitably, we must all walk our own unique spiritual paths, isn’t it wonderful to come across fellow travelers along the way?

I claim the existential feelings of loneliness are a part of a genuine spiritual journey, I also claim that companionship is a welcomed supplement.

If you’ve ever gone on any kind of wilderness journey… like a long hike in the forest or a long canoe trip in the backwoods… to come across other people is usually always a treat.

That’s good advice: prepare for loneliness at all times but receive fellowship whenever you can.

I like the way our newest member put it in her post, How Cool Is This!?:

“When I saw what this forum was for, a safe place to be wherever you are on your spiritual (or not, or whatevs) path, I actually got tears in my eyes. I’m sure so many of you have experienced the ‘I’ve felt alone for so long’ feeling.”

We all know exactly how that feels.